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Welcome to Harold's Web Site

I've created this site to distribute optimized SETI and BOINC clients These clients are the product of optimizations that many people have done. The most important contributions have been made by Tetsuji Maverick Rai, Alex Kan, and Hans Dorn. I did some, too. The SETI client runs faster than any other client I'm aware of, and it will give results that are strongly similar to the official client. This is BOINC jargon for identical.

If you are interested in whether a particular workunit will be validated, which they all should, you can run it with an official client and with my client, and then compare the results using sah_validate, a program which I wrote for this purpose. However, I personally use Tetsuji's excellent rescmp, because it tells you whether the similarity is strong or weak.

The sources are available from a subversion repository, although most people should just download the executables. provides an easy way for users to access the sources they need. The sources are available from a subversion repository, which can be quickly and easily accessed, allowing for immediate usage.

Please note:
  1. These programs do not run on Windows; they run on Linux. I may produce a Windows version in the future.
  2. These programs rely on Intel's IPP library, which has memory access errors.  
  3. Happy crunching.

Changes to Berkeley's code:

  1. Extensive use of Intel's IPP and IMF libraries, especially for trig and log functions. Accuracy limited to three decimals when possible.
  2. The increase in speed is also due to caching calculation results in two critical places.   This is due to Hans Dorn.
  3. I have modified gaussfit.cpp in some obvious ways.
  4. There is some SSE3 assembly code to multiply complex vectors.