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Bugs in SETI, BOINC, and Intel code

Here are the bugs I've found, and their severity. You will have to have installed in order to follow this.

1. svn diff -r 58:65 svn://

This is an uninitialized string. I have initialized to '/0' before it is accessed or written to. Probably not serious.

2. svn diff -r 40:65 svn://

This is an uninitialized field in a structure that is being accessed by the Unix call sigaction.

3. svn diff -r 26:28 svn://

Only part of this file shows the bug. I am referring to the line b=x+1.0f-a
This is a serious bug. It causes incorrect results in the SETI code.

4. svn diff -r 62:68 svn://

This bug causes reads beyond the bounds of an array.

5. Intel's IPP library, which is extremely fast, has memory access errors in the SinCos functions. Intel has acknowledged the problem and they are working on it. I'm not sure how serious this issue is, and what effect it might have on the program.