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I owe a debt of gratitude and thanks to the following people:

First, to Hans Dorn , who has devised two of the major optimizations in these sources. Hans has made the innovations that constitute the vast majority of these speedups.

Also, to Ned Slider, who got the ball rolling with his website, . Very inspiring.

To Crunch3r, who is a tireless compiler and tester of these clients. Incredible work, Crunch3r.

To Trux, who is working on a Windows client based on these sources.

Next, to Tetsuji Maverick Rai, who continues to set the standard for optimization and hacking.

To Metod, who has provided some excellent advice and tools at his .

And to the many people who have helped test this client, especially Michael Khusid, Bob Ribbeck, Zerberus and Paolo. Respect.

Finally, I'd like to confess that the whole reason I'm doing this BOINC/SETI work is to aid my father, Gene Naparst, whose mission it is to get to the top of the SETI rankings and help us find proof of alien intelligence. I owe him and Beverly a huge debt of gratitude for their many years of dedicated support, and helping to speed up my Dad's computers is the least I can do. We'll get you into the top 300, Dad, unless too many people download this program and jump ahead of you!