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SETI Executables

Release 3.4 consists of three statically linked programs: One for SSE-capable machines, one for SSE2-capable machines, and a third that should be preferred if your machine understands SSE3 instructions. To figure out what your machine is capable of, execute cat /proc/cpuinfo and look at the flags. You might see sse or sse2. If you see pni, (Prescott New Instructions) then your machine is SSE3-capable.

If your machine is new enough to support SSE3, this version is 7.5% faster than R3.2.

setiathome_SSE3_naparst-r3.4.tar.bz2 -- For Pentium 4 with SSE3. On my 3.4 GHz Pentium 4/HT, this program executes in 26 minutes, plus or minus a few seconds.

setiathome_SSE2_naparst-r3.4.tar.bz2 -- For Pentium 4 with SSE2. On my 3.4 GHz Pentium 4/HT, this program executes in 26 minutes, and 41 seconds.

setiathome_SSE_naparst-r3.4.tar.bz2 -- For Pentium 3. On my 3.4 GHz Pentium 4/HT, this program executes in 33 minutes, 24 seconds.

If you do not find what you want here, compiles clients for AMD. for Alpha, Itanium, FREEBSD, and a lot of other types of systems. I don't know of any Windows clients that have been released yet based on these sources.

Older Versions:

setiathome_SSE_naparst-r3.2.tgz -- For Pentium 3
setiathome_SSE2_naparst-r3.1.tgz -- Caching of results of invert_lcgf.  Due to Hans Dorn.
setiathome_SSE2_naparst-r3.0.tgz -- Caching of results of invert_lcgf.  Due to Hans Dorn.
setiathome_SSE2_naparst-r2.7.tar.bz2 Multiple caches for Chirp Data.
setiathome_SSE2_naparst-r2.6.tar.bz2 Single cache idea of Hans Dorn
setiathome_SSE2-naparst-r2.5.tar.bz2 Pentium 4 and higher.
setiathome_SSE2-naparst-r2.4.tar.bz2 Pentium 4 and higher.
setiathome_SSE2-naparst-r2.3.tar.bz2 Pentium 4 and higher.
setiathome_SSE2-naparst-r2.tar.bz2 Pentium 4 and higher.
setiathome_p4-P-naparst-r1.tar.bz2  Pentium 4 with SSE3
setiathome_p4-N-naparst-r1.tar.bz2 Pentium 4 without SSE3, Centrino, and Pentium M
setiathome-B-naparst-r1.tar.bz2 Centrino and Pentium M (try this or the N client)

  1.  Stop any running seti application.
  2.  Download the above link to your projects/ directory.  It might be called
  3.  cd to that directory, projects/
  4.  Execute the command tar xzf setiathome_SSE3-naparst-r3.4.tar.bz2 to unpack the archive.  Two files will be created, app_info.xml and setiathome_SSE2-naparst-r3.4
  5.  Remove all other files in the directory except those two.
  6.  Restart boinc.  You might need to update the project, but if you look at the messages, you should hopefully see something like found app_info.xml, using anonymous platform.  This is good.